Parliamentary question - E-004111/2011Parliamentary question

Killing of dogs in the EU

Question for written answer E-004111/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Andreas Mölzer (NI)

On 5 April 2011 the Romanian Parliament voted in favour of the killing of stray dogs. The European Parliament has already censured Romania in this connection, as the Lisbon Treaty lays down that animals must be recognised as ‘sentient beings’.

It is well known that rewards are also offered for dogs in Romania, which could lead to a dog production industry, as this is a lucrative business.

Other European countries, for example Spain, Hungary or Slovakia, also have animals killed in their own animal slaughter centres, unless animal welfare organisations pay to get the four‑legged creatures out.

According to animal welfare organisations, the only long-term solution in order to deal with the problem of stray dogs is an EU‑wide project to neuter animals.

1. Does the Commission not regard the killing of dogs as a violation of the Lisbon Treaty?

2. Is the EU planning Europe‑wide measures to protect the lives of dogs?

3. If so, what form could these measures take?

4. If not, why not?

5. Are Europe‑wide projects to neuter animals being considered, which would receive EU financial support?

6. Have other European countries where the killing of dogs is on the agenda already been censured?

7. What consequences can these countries expect?

OJ C 314 E, 27/10/2011