Parliamentary question - E-004539/2011Parliamentary question

EULEX - legal framework, protection of witnesses and judges

Question for written answer E-004539/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Pino Arlacchi (S&D)

The central aim of the EULEX mission is to support the Kosovo authorities with regard to all rule-of-law matters, particularly in the areas of the police, the judiciary and customs. The area of Kosovo has long been a centre of criminal activities. Many official documents from several EU police agencies stress the role played by Kosovo organised crime in various criminal activities involving, for example, drugs and trafficking in human beings. The quality and transparency of the legislative process need to be significantly improved, not only to provide Kosovo with a sound legal framework but also to improve confidence in the legal system. In this regard, the absence of programmes to protect witnesses and judges should be overcome.

1. What is EULEX's strategy to overcome the lack of a clear legal framework in Kosovo?

2. What are the steps undertaken to create a programme for the protection of witnesses and judges?

OJ C 314 E, 27/10/2011