Parliamentary question - E-005087/2011Parliamentary question

220 dogs put down without anaesthetic in Romania

Question for written answer E-005087/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Daniël van der Stoep (NI)

220 dogs have been put down without anaesthetic in an animal shelter in Botoşani (Romania). This slaughter was apparently ordered by the mayor because an infectious disease had been detected in some of the animals. Animal protection activists, however, say that this was just a pretext for disposing of the dogs.

The dogs were allegedly killed at night; in the morning they were found by the volunteers who had fed them daily. There are pictures[1] showing workers loading the animals onto a lorry in plastic sacks. The volunteers were able to save a few puppies: in the process they were allegedly attacked and insulted by the workers, who threw stones and sprayed them with a garden hose.

The Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) is revolted by this news.

1. Is the Commission aware of the report entitled ‘More than 200 dogs put down in Romanian animal shelter’ and the accompanying film material which leaves no doubt about the suffering of these animals?

2. Can the Commission provide an overview of how many dogs in Romania are still being put down without anaesthetic? If not, why not?

3. Is the Commission prepared to ensure that the Romanian authorities take tough action against these instances of animal cruelty in Romania? If not, why not?

4. Is the Commission prepared to impose financial penalties on Romania if these acts of animal cruelty do not receive long prison sentences? If not, why not?

5. Does the Commission agree that Romania has disqualified itself and shown that it is not suitable for EU membership, not just on the grounds of corruption but now also in view of the unacceptable animal suffering inflicted there? If not, why not?

OJ C 365 E, 15/12/2011