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16 June 2011
Question for written answer E-005826/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Nikolaos Salavrakos (EFD)

 Subject: Regulatory framework regarding domestic animals on public transport
 Answer in writing 

According to the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks it is necessary to update regulations governing the transport of domestic animals given that to date no real provision has been made for this. The Ministry takes the view that certain standards must be met with regard to health and the needs of the animals themselves.

The Ministry also takes the view that Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations does not cover domestic animals on public transport.

Domestic animals on public transport are covered by Law 2963/2001 (Greek Government Gazette 268 A) on the organisation and functioning of public transport by bus and by Ministerial Decision B-36934/2805/2002 (Greek Government Gazette 862 B) on the publication of a guide setting out the obligations of public transport providers to consumers under Law 2963/2002, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, prohibiting the transport of domestic animals apart from those accompanying disabled persons or small pets carried in a suitable manner.

In view of this:

1. Given the disparities between EU Member States regarding domestic animals on public transport, would it be possible to introduce a standard legal framework?
2. What actions must be taken by the Member States in order to make suitable provision for domestic animals on public transport?

Original language of question: ELOJ C 365 E, 15/12/2011
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