Parliamentary question - E-006574/2011Parliamentary question

Romania's animal welfare standards

Question for written answer E-006574/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Emma McClarkin (ECR)

A constituent has brought to my attention the killing of stray dogs and problems with Romania’s welfare standards regarding both stray dogs and Danube Delta horses.

My constituent gave an example of 220 dogs being killed over a period of two hours in a public shelter in Botosani in May 2011.

I have also been informed that 40 Danube Delta horses were forced on to a two-level lorry driving 21 hours without food and water. Protesters and the police were able to stop the vehicle before it made it to the slaughterhouse and found the horses in a very bad condition.

Could you say what action the Commission has taken to solve the problems with Romania’s animal welfare standards?

OJ C 128 E, 03/05/2012