Parliamentary question - E-007262/2011Parliamentary question

Discrepancy in EU quarantine regulations for indoor pets

Question for written answer E-007262/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Charles Tannock (ECR)

I have been contacted by a constituent who is moving from the UK to India for 18 months. As an owner of pet rabbits he wishes to take them to India with him, but is concerned with the regulation he has been informed of by UK veterinary authorities regarding the length of quarantine required for his indoor pet rabbits on his return to the UK, which apparently are EU‑wide in origin. It appears that the animals will be subjected to a six-month quarantine period on his return, despite being indoor pets with absolutely no contact with other animals, and therefore are not at risk of acquiring any serious infectious disease.

Is the Commission aware of this discrepancy whereby indoor pets are treated, under existing EU regulation, the same as outdoor pets like dogs, cats or show rabbits? Or even worse in fact, because dogs for instance can have an EU‑approved pet passport showing recent vaccination status, thereby exempting them from EU quarantine requirements.

What remedy does my constituent have? Are there any plans to change the burdensome veterinary regulations in any way?

OJ C 146 E, 24/05/2012