Parliamentary question - E-008879/2011Parliamentary question

EU‑wide System for Registration and Identification of Companion Animals

Question for written answer E-008879/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Sirpa Pietikäinen (PPE)

In November 2010, the EU Council of Ministers agreed that the protection of companion animals was to be integrated in the EU animal welfare strategy (Council Conclusions on the welfare of dogs and cats). One action which the Council would require was the creation of an EU‑wide registration and identification system for companion animals. In April 2011, Commissioner Dalli said that, in the Commission, no actions were planned related to the registration and identification of companion animals.

1. How is the Commission planning to integrate the requirement of an EU‑wide registration and identification system in the EU strategy for animal welfare?

2. When doing so, what is the planned timetable for this system to be in operation?

OJ C 154 E, 31/05/2012