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Parliamentary question - E-008961/2011(ASW)Parliamentary question

    Answer given by High Representative/Vice-President Ashton on behalf of the Commission

    In October 2011 the EU Delegation in Ukraine contacted the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports, as well as the Kyiv offices of Unicef and the World Health Organisation, but did not receive any concrete information on recent developments. Information received by the EU Delegation in Kyiv suggests that a police investigation into the Kharkiv case began five years ago but had not been definitively resolved.

    At the meeting of the Joint EU‑Ukraine Science and Technology Committee held in Brussels on 23 November 2011, the EU side raised the issue of stem cell treatment, and the Kharkiv allegations, with the Director of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, describing the concerns raised on this matter, including by European parliamentarians, and the need for further clarification.

    The respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is at the basis of the relationship between the EU and Ukraine. The European Union intends to strengthen substantially its dialogue with Ukraine in this field under the Association Agreement currently being negotiated.

    OJ C 154 E, 31/05/2012