Parliamentary question - E-009534/2011Parliamentary question

Incineration of stray dogs in Ukraine

Question for written answer E-009534/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Nikolaos Salavrakos (EFD)

According to a press report of 10 October 2011, animal rights organisations and Ukrainian activists are protesting strongly at the procedures being followed by the Ukrainian authorities to deal with stray animals in the run-up to the 2012 European football championship, maintaining that the extremely cruel methods which have for years been used in Ukraine are now being ‘updated’ and organised more efficiently, with a view to Euro 2012.

It appears that Ditiline, the neuromuscular blocking agent previously used to exterminate stray dogs, is being abandoned by the authorities in favour of more ‘modern and ecologically sound’ methods. Hundreds of stray dogs and cats are now being rounded up and taken to a mobile crematorium where they are burned alive at temperatures of 900°C.

In view of the above, what action will the Commission take with a view to resolving this problem in Ukraine?

Will it impose penalties on Ukraine?

OJ C 168 E, 14/06/2012