Parliamentary question - E-009574/2011Parliamentary question

    Inhumane treatment of animals in Spain

    Question for written answer E-009574/2011
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Syed Kamall (ECR)

    I have been contacted by a constituent who is concerned about the inhumane treatment of animals in the Alhama region of Spain.

    My constituent tells me that there is evidence of horses and dogs being incarcerated in small enclosures with barely enough room for a dog to move. My constituent also claims that there is evidence of dogs and horses living in ankle-deep faeces.

    Some local residents have set up animal welfare sanctuaries that are entirely dependent on donations and volunteers, but they have been unable to prevent landowners in the region from continuing to abuse animals. They have also alerted the local authorities, but no action has been taken.

    Further information is available at:

    1. Is the Commission aware of the allegations of poor treatment of animals in the Alhama region of Spain?

    2. What pressure does it intend to exert on the Spanish and the regional government to improve animal welfare in this region?

    OJ C 168 E, 14/06/2012