Parliamentary question - E-010365/2011Parliamentary question

    Country of origin labelling for fur products

    Question for written answer E-010365/2011
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Nessa Childers (S&D)

    Presently, the EU does not require the ‘country of origin’ to be listed on the garment label. This means that fur sourced from China may be used to create a whole garment (such as a fur coat) within the EU and the manufacturer can legally claim the garment was ‘made in the EU’. The unsuspecting consumer assumes that EU regulations in regard to animal welfare standards have been adhered to. Given the overwhelming support from EU citizens for a ban on the importation of cat and dog fur in 2008, and more recently for a ban on imports of seal products (fur) on humane grounds, I believe many EU consumers would be horrified to learn that much of the fur sourced here does not come from animals reared to EU specifications. It follows that a mandatory ‘country of origin’ label for all fur products would be fully supported.

    Is the Commission considering such a proposal for fur products?

    Does the Commission agree that the present situation can result in a misleading situation for European consumers?

    OJ C 168 E, 14/06/2012