Parliamentary question - E-010503/2011Parliamentary question

Information on mass cull of stray animals in Ukraine in the run-up to Euro 2012

Question for written answer E-010503/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Janusz Wojciechowski (ECR)

Many European animal welfare organisations and individuals from across the world have reported that particularly brutal methods are being used to cull stray dogs in Ukraine, ahead of the Euro 2012 football tournament that the country will be co-hosting. These reports describe the barbaric culling of stray dogs by burning them alive in specially designed mobile incinerators. These reports, if true, mean that barbaric acts are being committed that are unworthy of humankind in the 21st century.

Can the Commission please clarify whether such cruel practices really are being used in Ukraine?

What action is the Commission taking, or what action is it intending to take, with a view to putting a stop to these barbaric acts?

Specifically, this would involve the Commission making representations to the Ukrainian authorities with a view to encouraging them to ensure that animals are treated humanely.

OJ C 180 E, 21/06/2012