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Parliamentary questions
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2 December 2011
Question for written answer E-011339/2011
to the Commission
Rule 117
Konrad Szymański (ECR)

 Subject: Third Energy Package and the principle of third-party access (TPA)
 Answer in writing 

The third liberalisation package in the energy sector forms the basis of a competitive energy market in the European Union. Representatives of the Russian Federation and the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom have recently reiterated calls for a reform of the principles underlying the Third Package, and in particular for the principle of third-party access (TPA) to the gas transmission infrastructure to be withdrawn. These opinions have met with understanding in some Member States’ capitals.

Does the Commission intend to change the provisions of the third liberalisation package in the energy sector?

Original language of question: PLOJ C 180 E, 21/06/2012
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