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Parliamentary question - E-000986/2012Parliamentary question

Financing of an animal experimentation centre in Lugo

Question for written answer E-000986/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Raül Romeva i Rueda (Verts/ALE)

The use of animals in a range of experiments has declined in recent years. This is evidenced by the wide range of European legislation on the subject, such as Commission Regulation (EU) No 15/2011 or the directive intended to ban the use of live animals in testing cosmetic ingredients and products.

It therefore seems paradoxical that the Regional Government of Galicia in Spain should be planning to promote a centre for animal experimentation in the city of Lugo using Community funds. This centre would be used to conduct research using bovine animals, horses and even dogs, the assumption being that such experiments would, essentially, represent a business opportunity. This means that funds from the 27 Member States would be allocated to a centre whose aim, according to its own promoters, is to generate profit, probably through payments from pharmaceutical companies, rather than to promote the alleged social and human progress that medical advances are supposed to represent.

The establishment of this facility has elicited strong public opposition. Various petitions have gathered over 25 000 signatures and organisations such as LIBERA! have openly criticised the plan to build a centre that is quite unnecessary in view of the development and use of alternative animal‑friendly methods.

Seventy per cent of the final cost of the project is to be met from ERDF funds, which means spending approximately EUR 2 380 000 on a controversial and unnecessary venture.

Is the Commission aware of the use of Community funding for building the animal experimentation centre in Lugo? Is the Commission aware of the use that would actually be made of that centre? Does the Commission believe this centre to be in line with the widespread scientific opinion that the use of animals in research should be reduced? Does the Commission plan to promote new legislation or financial support programmes to reduce the use of live animals in all types of experiments?

OJ C 82 E, 21/03/2013