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Parliamentary question - E-001726/2012Parliamentary question

    Prohibition of voluntary work in Greece

    Question for written answer E-001726/2012
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Dan Jørgensen (S&D)

    There are a huge number of stray dogs in Greece and animal welfare organisations are therefore travelling to the country to help with neutering projects, medication and animal feed. Many animal shelters in Greece receive no public funding, are overcrowded and are therefore highly dependent on help from foreign organisations.

    Greece, however, is currently adopting legislation prohibiting foreign volunteer veterinary surgeons from working in Greece in connection with, inter alia, the neutering and castration of dogs. It is argued that foreign veterinary surgeons are taking work from Greek veterinary surgeons. That cannot be the case: volunteer veterinary surgeons work unpaid in Greece and are currently taking on only those tasks which Greek veterinary surgeons are unwilling to handle themselves. Accordingly, the presence of volunteer veterinary surgeons can only be of benefit to Greece and especially to animals in Greece.

    1. How does the Commission view this?

    2. Does the Commission believe that in prohibiting foreign veterinary surgeons from working in Greece, and erecting barriers to free movement, the Greek legislation is contrary to EU internal-market legislation?

    3. If so, what action does the Commission intend to take to put an end to this unlawful practice?

    OJ C 105 E, 11/04/2013