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Parliamentary question - E-002906/2012Parliamentary question

Chemical trails harmful to health

Question for written answer E-002906/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Oreste Rossi (EFD)

According to an Italian blogger, from 1996 until now, there has been an increase in chemical trails, also known as chemtrails, which many people know nothing about. These trails, unlike condensation trails, do not dissipate quickly into the atmosphere. In addition, there is proof which confirms the presence of there being harmful chemical elements in the trails. Some researchers have studied the composition and effects of this phenomenon, which may to us seem harmless and commonplace. According to these experts, chemical trails are the result of experimental operations which have manifold purposes. The main objectives, albeit unproven, range from the meteorological to the military. The analyses carried out have verified the presence of the following elements in the chemtrails: barium, aluminium, radioactive thorium and caesium, copper, titanium, silicon, lithium, cobalt, lead, ethylene dibromide and several pathogenic agents.

Chemical trails can cause a condition called Morgellons syndrome. It is a disease which causes serious deterioration in the body. As well as this disease, chemtrails are associated with other illnesses such as tumours, Parkinson’s disease and cardiac dysfunction.

Given that the effects on human health caused by the chemical trails described in the blog seem to be very serious, can the Commission state if it is aware of the effects of chemical trails and what the European Union’s position is as regards the objectives that are being pursued and giving rise to this phenomenon?

OJ C 240 E, 21/08/2013