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Parliamentary question - E-005297/2012Parliamentary question

Sale of cat and dog fur

Question for written answer E-005297/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Zuzana Roithová (PPE)

After much debate, Parliament decided to forbid the sale of cat and dog fur in the EU in 2008. However, the regulation concerned is being circumvented.

1. Under Regulation (EC) No 1523/2007, products made from the fur of domestic cats and dogs cannot be placed on the market in the EU. Is the Commission aware that the regulation is apparently being circumvented by the ‘re-sale’ or ‘second-hand sale’ of the aforementioned products?

2. What steps is Commission taking to monitor whether Regulation (EC) No 1523/2007 is being implemented in full? Has the Commission objected to any attempts to circumvent the regulation similar to those described above?

3. Does the Commission plan to amend the regulation by extending the scope of the ban to cover all forms of sale, including ‘second-hand sale’, or at least to limit this form of sale?

OJ C 173 E, 19/06/2013