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Parliamentary question - E-006663/2012Parliamentary question

Chemtrails from aircraft

Question for written answer E-006663/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Vladko Todorov Panayotov (ALDE)

Chemtrails released from aircraft are becoming more and more visible, a fact that is evidenced and acknowledged by the scientific community.

They are the result of scientific experiments, on the one hand, or, on the other, of interventions for health purposes, for the protection of agriculture, or, last but not least, for climate protection purposes, in particular with a view to combating global warming.

1. Has the Commission carried out any studies in relation to these practices or have any of the Member States done any studies on this?

2. Does the Commission know of any existing Member-State or private initiatives in this respect? Is it aware of any geoengineering studies on the greenhouse gas effects? Why has the Commission not insisted on investigating the matter with the Member States? Why was the European Environment Agency not involved more closely?

3. Taking into consideration the potential impact of such practices, notably side-effects or other cumulative effects arising from the chemical substances used, is the Commission planning to study and possibly regulate these activities, in particular when carried out within EU airspace?

OJ C 263 E, 12/09/2013