Parliamentary question - E-007432/2012(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Andor on behalf of the Commission

1 and 4. During the bilateral meetings and action team visits, joint solutions were sought on speeding up implementation of existing programmes or widening their coverage by increasing the budget or improving targeting. Member States[1] committed themselves to use EU funds more effectively by rechannelling uncommitted or unused EU funds to bolster youth employment measures. The concrete results of this exercise were presented by the President in May.

2. During the European Semester, the Commission paid particular attention to the youth unemployment situation in Member States and to the youth employment policies presented in the National Reform Programmes. This analysis is reflected in the Country Specific Recommendations and Staff Working Documents issued in May. As a follow-up to its communication on the Youth Opportunities Initiative[2]YOI), later in 2012 the Commission intends to present a Youth Employment Package, including policy initiatives on youth guarantees and a quality framework for traineeships. This will be supplemented by reporting on the implementation of the YOI in the Member States. To that end, the Commission has asked the Member States to report by early September 2012 on progress made, including up-to-date financial data on the utilisation of national and EU funding.

3. During most of the country visits, the action teams met with stakeholders, including youth NGOs and social partners, to better assess the situation on the ground. The Commission consults the European Youth Forum regularly and is aware of its positions. It intends to consult the Forum on the planned Youth Employment Package and to encourage the Member States to consult their national youth organisations.

OJ C 270 E, 19/09/2013