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Parliamentary question - E-007745/2012Parliamentary question

    Power Line Technology (PLT) apparatus

    Question for written answer E-007745/2012
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Sir Graham Watson (ALDE)

    Cenelec (the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation), which has responsibility for standardisation in the electrotechnical engineering field, has been working with the National Standards Committees of EU Member States with a view to formulating a new industry standard for Power Line Technology (PLT) apparatus (EN 50561-1).

    Within the EU, electromagnetic compatibility and levels of disturbance are laid down in the EMC Directive.

    Concerns have been expressed that the possible new PLT standard EN 50561-1 may not be compliant with EC law.

    1. In view of this, what steps is the Commission taking to ensure that the new industry standard will adequately comply with EC law?

    2. What dialogue have Commission officials held with Cenelec to ensure compliance?

    3. Is the Commission confident that the new standard will satisfactorily comply with the EU rules as set out in the EMC Directive?

    OJ C 234 E, 13/08/2013