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Parliamentary question - E-008206/2012Parliamentary question

Practice of mutilation of pets for aesthetic purposes

Question for written answer E-008206-12
to the Commission
Rule 117
Matteo Salvini (EFD)

Following numerous reports on the matter, can the Commission say why, in some Member States, including Italy, the practice of mutilating the tails and ears of pets is continuing, especially on hunting dogs?

Article 10 of The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, signed in Strasbourg on 13 November 1987, stipulates, inter alia, that:

‘Surgical operations for the purpose of modifying the appearance of a pet animal or for other non-curative purposes shall be prohibited and, in particular:

Can the Commission clarify how it intends to respond to European Parliament resolution P7-TA (2012) 0290, adopted on 4 July 2012, which calls on the EU to ratify the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals?

OJ C 276 E, 25/09/2013