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Parliamentary question - E-010606/2012(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the Commission

Discussions on the cost of renewable energy and the financing of broader energy sector deficits are important and can be quite technical. The appropriate means of incorporating merit order effects into the calculations is one important element which must be considered in such discussions. The elements the honourable Members raise are a part of the technical discussion currently underway in Greece on the reform of the various pricing and financing arrangements in the Greek energy sector overall. The Commission agrees that such efforts must ensure a fair representation and allocation of costs that minimises the burden to energy consumers.

The Commission will continue to work closely with the Greek authorities to further stabilise and reform the Greek support scheme for renewable energies. To this end the Commission has proposed to the Greek authorities a comprehensive technical assistance programme that could be launched soon.

OJ C 317 E, 31/10/2013