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Parliamentary question - E-011063/2012Parliamentary question

Animal welfare in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Question for written answer E-011063-12
to the Commission
Rule 117
Ashley Fox (ECR)

Bosnia and Herzegovina has aspirations to join the EU, but will have to align its legislation with EU standards before it can be permitted to join.

I have recently been informed of the appalling treatment of stray animals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some recent examples include the inhumane way that dogs have been treated and disposed of at the Hresa and Banja Luka shelters. Such shelters are allegedly used to misappropriate public money, which may include financial aid provided by the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Whilst there is no EU legislation on the treatment of stray dogs, Article 13 TFEU does require Member States fully to respect the welfare requirements of animals.

1. Has Bosnia and Herzegovina begun to align its legislation with EU legislation on this matter in line with the Interim Agreement?

2. Will the Commission be carrying out an investigation into state shelters and animal abuse in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

OJ C 339 E, 20/11/2013