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Parliamentary question - E-011245/2012Parliamentary question

    Unitary patent protection regime

    Question for written answer E-011245-12
    to the Commission
    Rule 117
    Nikolaos Chountis (GUE/NGL)

    The creation of a European Unitary Patent Court with three seats (Paris, London and Munich) is proceeding apace thanks to two proposals for regulations put forward by the Commission — COM(2011) 0215 on the creation of unitary patent protection and COM(2011) 0216 on the applicable translation arrangements — and an international agreement between the Member States under ‘enhanced cooperation’. Given that a) the patenting process has very important economic and social implications and has applications in key areas such as research, health, medicine, technology etc.; b) the experience of the European Patent Office (EPO) to date suggests that patents are obtained overwhelmingly by large multinational companies (significantly, the first three are: Siemens, Philips and Samsung, two of which were sanctioned recently by the Commission's Competition DG because, by forming a cartel, they had managed to delay the dominance of new television screen technologies) and most of these patents are obtained by nationals of Europe’s main economic powers (Germany, France and the United Kingdom account for the largest number of patents, in that order); and c) Italy and Spain have initiated legal action against the Council before the Court of Justice; its judgment is still pending.

    In view of the above, will the Commission say:

    OJ C 321 E, 07/11/2013