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Parliamentary questions
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25 March 2013
Joint answer given by Mr Barnier on behalf of the Commission
Written questions :E-001378/13 , E-000954/13 , E-000953/13 , E-001544/13 , E-001091/13 , E-001321/13 , E-001409/13 , E-001610/13 , E-001068/13 , E-001235/13 , E-001653/13 , E-001176/13 , E-001199/13
Question references: E-000953/2013, E-000954/2013, E-001068/2013, E-001091/2013, E-001176/2013, E-001199/2013, E-001235/2013, E-001321/2013, E-001378/2013, E-001409/2013, E-001544/2013, E-001610/2013, E-001653/2013

Directive 2004/48/EC applies in principle to any infringement of intellectual property rights (which, for the purposes of the directive, include industrial property rights) as provided for by Community law and/or the national law of the Member State concerned (Article 2). Recital 13 of the directive states that is necessary to define the scope of the directive as widely as possible in order to encompass all intellectual property rights. The directive therefore does not exclude any intellectual property rights from its scope, as long as protection for them is provided for by Community or national law.

The list provided in Commission Statement 2005/95/EC, which, as reiterated in the answer to Written Question E-9093/2012, is non-exhaustive, was compiled by identifying the harmonised intellectual property rights contained in the acquis communautaire. Rights such as utility models, which are considered to be intellectual property rights in the Member States in spite of the fact that they have not been harmonised, were also included in the list. Lastly, rights which are considered to be intellectual property rights in certain Member States, and which can therefore in this case be covered by the directive, were included in the list.

OJ C 354 E, 04/12/2013
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