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Parliamentary question - E-002017/2013(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr De Gucht on behalf of the Commission

In cases where international trade in manufactured goods is distorted by unfair competition, in so far as countervailing and/or dumping practices cause injury to the Union industry, anti-subsidy and/or anti-dumping duties may be imposed after investigation by the Commission.

The Commission can consider opening an anti-subsidy and/or an anti-dumping investigation when it has sufficient prima facie evidence that dumping or subsidisation takes place and the Union industry is suffering material injury, caused by the dumped or subsidised imports. If the Commission obtains such evidence, it will carefully analyse all facts and may initiate an investigation if all legal conditions are met.

The EU cod industry is free to bring a complaint and if there is sufficient evidence, the Commission is under a legal obligation to initiate an investigation if the relevant World Trade Organisation (WTO) and EU conditions are met.

Finally, the Commission would like to underline that, because the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement does not include the common fisheries policy, the relevant legislation on the EU's internal market does not extend to fish products imported from Norway.

OJ C 372 E, 19/12/2013