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Parliamentary question - E-005276/2013Parliamentary question

The Trikala Shelter for Dogs and Cats

Question for written answer E-005276-13
to the Commission
Rule 117
Syed Kamall (ECR)

I have been contacted by a constituent who has brought the Trikala Shelter for Dogs and Cats in Thessaly, Greece to my attention. Further information about the shelter can be found here:


My constituent tells me that the shelter is suffering from financial difficulties and only remains open thanks to public donations. She says that the shelter is struggling to provide basic requirements such as food for the animals and that it has been driven to beg local restaurants for any leftover food.

My constituent says that these problems are the result of the discontinuation of funds and support by the Mayor of rural Trikala.

Is the Commission aware of any European charters, policies, directives or regulations which require Member States to make provision for the humane treatment and emergency feeding of animals such as dogs? Is any EU funding available that can be applied for by organisations such as the Animal Welfare Society of Trikala?

OJ C 40 E, 11/02/2014