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Parliamentary question - E-005475/2013Parliamentary question

European Union strategy for the protection and welfare of animals 2012-2015: new developments in relation to English greyhounds and Spanish greyhounds (Galgos) subjected to horrific acts of torture

Question for written answer E-005475-13
to the Commission
Rule 117
Oreste Rossi (EFD)

The Commissioner’s answer to Question E-010202/2012 (17 December 2012), in which he refers to other, supposedly similar questions (E-010625/2010 and E-009212/2011), is considered to be insufficient, especially in light of the new developments in this regard and of Parliament’s adoption, on 4 July 2012, of the European Union strategy for the protection and welfare of animals 2012-2015 (2012/2043(INI)), in particular, where it stresses the importance of implementing the full body of existing animal welfare legislation in all the EU Member States.

In view of the failure to establish a close link between animal health protection and public health in every Member State; of the failure, on the part of the Member States, to implement guidelines and strategies; of the lack of transparency and information that arouses interest in Europe for two reasons: the increase in the illegal trade in animals, especially those bound for third countries, and the use of those animals in scientific research; of the lack of animal welfare standards in relations with third countries; of the need for greater ambition and for high-priority standards to regulate animal welfare, particularly in negotiations, including on non-trade matters; and of the need for resources to increase the number of inspections and to adequately train animal welfare inspectors, can the Commission say:

OJ C 40 E, 11/02/2014