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Parliamentary question - E-008653/2013Parliamentary question

Communication on Romania's regionalisation

Question for written answer E-008653-13
to the Commission
Rule 117
Monica Luisa Macovei (PPE)

The Romanian Ministry of Regional Development has recently launched a public debate about the decentralisation process and administrative regionalisation. It appears that the Romanian authorities intend to submit to a referendum the proposed change to the structure of NUTS II regions. The Minister for Regional Development visited the Council of Regions on 3 July 2013 to present the planned changes.

In accordance with Article 5(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1059/2003, Member States must inform the Commission about changes concerning administrative units which could affect the nomenclature of territorial units for statistics:

‘The Member States shall inform the Commission of:

Has any communication been initiated between the Romanian Government and the Commission on the intended changes that may affect the NUTS classification?

OJ C 66 E, 06/03/2014