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Parliamentary question - E-012022/2013Parliamentary question

Funding of animal welfare in Romania

Question for written answer E-012022-13
to the Commission
Rule 117
Angelika Werthmann (ALDE)

For many years, Europe has been dealing with the problem of animals in Romania, stray dogs in particular, apparently being killed in large numbers on a regular basis. Such measures are sometimes said to be necessary because there is a danger to the people.

1. How much money has Romania received from the European Union in the last five years (in the form of Fund payments, corresponding support programmes, etc.) in order to find a good and humane solution to the problem of the stray animals?

2. How has the Commission verified the proper use of these funds, or were they ever actually tied very specifically to this purpose?

3. How does it explain the fact that the situation has clearly deteriorated so dramatically this year that European citizens in all countries feel the need to protest against the practices in Romania?

OJ C 221, 11/07/2014