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Parliamentary question - E-002002/2014(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Ms Kroes on behalf of the Commission

1. The total savings for EU consumers from the reduction of roaming charges (calls made, calls received, SMS and data) since 2009 (third quarter 2009 to third quarter 2013 included) can be estimated at about EUR 9.6 billion (estimation based on data from BEREC’s 12th Benchmark Report).

2. Yes, current EU roaming legislation applies, and the roaming provisions in the Connected Continent proposal would apply, to a UK phone number calling an Irish phone number while on holiday in Spain.

3. The Commission indeed aims at ensuring that citizens can confidently use roaming services at domestic prices when travelling in the EU, including in the circumstances specified in point 2.

OJ C 317, 16/09/2014