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Parliamentary question - E-002381/2014(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Cioloş on behalf of the Commission

1. Measures under the common agricultural policy (EAGF[1] and EAFRD[2]) are applicable to all farmers, including those located in urban and sub-urban areas, who fulfil the eligibility criteria. Funding is provided under Heading 2 of the Multi-annual Financial Framework for years 2014-2020.

2. The Commission is not aware of a study on urban and sub-urban farming. According to the statistical data published in the 2013 ‘Rural development statistical report’[3] the primary sector (agriculture, forestry and fishery) represents 0.5% of the Value Added in predominantly urban regions. The Commission did supervise a study executed by the OECD on rural-urban partnerships[4]. This study evokes the negative effects of urban sprawl and recommends coordinating decisions and integrating planning to help regions grow with effective land evaluation systems, while maintaining efficiency in service provision, environmental quality and infrastructure supply.

3. Under the EAFRD there are no distinctions based on territorial location except in the specific cases when support is exclusively provided to farmers located in rural areas.[5]

4. All EAFRD measures (with exception of those specifically developed for rural areas as mentioned in p.3 of this reply) and the various direct payment support schemes may be accessible equally to urban and sub-urban farmers who fulfil the eligibility criteria. It has to be noted that under shared management the respective Managing Authority has the discretion to foresee certain support possibilities under its rural development programme and to decide how to implement direct support schemes[6] within the Union legal framework.

OJ C 324, 18/09/2014