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Parliamentary question - E-003589/2014(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Borg on behalf of the Commission

The EU legislation on food additives[1] allows the use of waxes on certain entire fresh fruits: Beeswax (E 901), Candelilla wax (E 902), Carnauba wax (E 903), Shellac (E 904) and Microcrystalline wax (E 905).

Beeswax, Candelilla wax, Carnauba wax and Microcrystalline have been re-evaluated[2] by the European Food Safety Authority who concluded that their use as glazing agent on fresh fruits is not of safety concern. In addition, none of these waxes are obtained from sources that contain gluten.

Member States are responsible to enforce the EU food law and verify whether the labelling of foodstuffs is in conformity with the applicable legislation.

OJ C 343, 01/10/2014