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Parliamentary question - E-005111/2014(ASW)Parliamentary question

    Answer given by Mrs Reding on behalf of the Commission

    The European Commission’s Directorate-General responsible for communication does not promote the use of Google Analytics for the Europa sites. More generally, the Commission has not included Google Analytics on its list of recommended IT products made available to Commission services. For information on the situation in the other institutions, these should be contacted directly.

    Regarding the implementation of its communication policies, the Commission uses the most suitable mix of communication channels and tools to make sure that it reaches its audiences in the languages they understand. Furthermore, the Commission strives to render its communication more coherent, relevant and cost-effective. In its procurement of communication services and tools, the Commission is bound by the principles and rules of Financial Regulation no 966/2012 and chooses solutions fit for purpose accordingly. Within the context described herewith, the Commission is committed to promoting the use of open source[1].

    OJ C 426, 27/11/2014