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Parliamentary questions
PDF 103kWORD 24k
13 November 2014
Question for written answer E-009185-14
to the Commission
Rule 130
Sophie Montel (NI) , Dominique Bilde (NI) , Mara Bizzotto (NI) , Gerolf Annemans (NI) , Bruno Gollnisch (NI) , Marie-Christine Boutonnet (NI) , Dominique Martin (NI)

 Subject:  Ritual slaughter and animal suffering
 Answer in writing 

Council Directive 93/119/EC of 22 December 1993 on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing stipulates, under Article 3, that ‘animals shall be spared any avoidable excitement, pain or suffering during movement, lairaging, restraint, stunning, slaughter or killing’.

Paradoxically, Article 5(2) stipulates that ‘in the case of animals subject to particular methods of slaughter required by certain religious rites, the requirements of paragraph 1(c) [stunning before slaughter] shall not apply’. Countless studies, reports and accounts have shown the terrible suffering endured by animals that have their throats cut and are then bled alive without having first been stunned (with some taking several minutes to die), all in the name of ritual slaughter.

Does the Commission not consider these exceptions allowed for ritual slaughter to constitute an extremely serious violation of the very principle of animal protection?

Original language of question: FR 
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