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Parliamentary question - E-009489/2014Parliamentary question

    Russian ban on European exports

    Question for written answer E-009489-14
    to the Commission
    Rule 130
    Esteban González Pons (PPE)

    Russia’s ban on European exports in response to EU-imposed sanctions is seriously affecting the food sector in the Member States.

    For example, Spain’s fruit and vegetable sector sells goods worth approximately EUR 225 million to Russia. This has placed the sector in a difficult situation, which has been partially alleviated by the support provided by the Commission over the last few months.

    There is at present no sign of improvement in diplomatic relations between the EU and Russia, making it likely that the current situation will remain unchanged in the months to come.

    Could the Commission therefore say whether it has drafted an action plan for 2015 in case the Russian veto is upheld, causing further damage to the abovementioned sectors? If so, what are the main points of the plan?