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Parliamentary question - E-009934/2014Parliamentary question

The purchasing policy of the French supermarket Carrefour

Question for written answer E-009934-14
to the Commission
Rule 130
Jan Huitema (ALDE)

Recently (24 November) the French supermarket Carrefour announced that in the next 10 months it would purchase fruit and vegetables only from French producers, which means that imports of produce from other EU Member States will be blocked. Carrefour sees this as a means of supporting French farmers who have been hit by the Russian boycott, adverse weather conditions and low prices.

1. Is the Commission aware of this report and what is the Commission’s view of the situation?

2. Is Carrefour breaching EU competition rules by this measure and is it undermining free trade within the European Union?

3. What measures will the Commission take if it turns out that Carrefour has broken the rules and when will the Commission take action?