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Parliamentary question - E-003081/2015Parliamentary question

Wave of Muslim rape cases across Europe

Question for written answer E-003081-15
to the Commission
Rule 130
Georg Mayer (NI)

Europe is currently being overwhelmed by a wave of rape committed by Muslim migrants. Particularly in Scandinavian countries, the number of rapes of white women and girls is rising.

These women are considered by Muslim migrants as third-class citizens. In the English town of Rotherham alone, 1 400 white girls were abused, raped and murdered by Muslim gangs over a period of years. Many of these incidents are gang rapes. Many local city councils in England, Sweden, Norway and Denmark know very well how things stand, but conceal the real situation for fear of being accused of racism. If, despite all this, rape charges are still brought, it is usually the perpetrators and not the victims who are treated leniently, because the perpetrators claim that the women had consented to sexual intercourse. If these abuses are raised by local politicians, they are sometimes convicted of slandering ethnic groups.

1. Why do we turn a blind eye to such atrocities? Fear of possible allegations of racism is no justification for ignoring acts of this kind! In Austria, too, there are increasing numbers of rapes and attempted rapes by migrants.

2. Does it make any sense to continue talking about ‘isolated cases’ here?

3. Why does the Commission not take preventive measures?