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Parliamentary question - E-003434/2015Parliamentary question

Mutual recognition of refugee status

Question for written answer E-003434-15
to the Commission
Rule 130
Rebecca Harms (Verts/ALE)

We welcome the release of Kazakh dissident Muratbek Ketebayev, who was arrested by Spanish authorities in December 2014 despite his refugee status, granted to him by Poland in December 2013. We underline that his release has only been conditional and that the extradition procedure in his case is still pending and could lead to his extradition to Kazakhstan, where he could face repressions and torture.

Looking beyond this case, we would like to draw the Commission’s attention to the broader problem of the lack of concrete legal obligations on the part of Member States to give mutual recognition to refugee status granted within the EU. It seems evident and self-explanatory that individuals protected from persecution in their home country by one Member State should be covered by the same protection by the other Member States.

1. What is the Commission doing to ensure that political refugees protected by one Member State are safe in the other Member States, and that their refugee status is recognised within the whole EU?

2. How does the Commission intend to address the evident need for a strong, common EU policy on asylum and refugee status?