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Parliamentary question - E-004461/2015(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the Commission

Net neutrality is a key pillar of the Digital Single Market. In its legislative proposal for a Telecoms Single Market the Commission has included several provisions on net neutrality with a balanced approach: not to block, throttle or discriminate against online content, applications and services, provisions to ensure that Internet capacity continues to expand, rules on network management that protect end users' right to an open Internet, and space for continued network and service innovation.

Telemedicine and the deployment of eHealth services in general as well as intelligent transport systems, as referred by the Honourable Member, are examples of areas where innovation is expected to bring novel services in the market. Some of these services are likely to rely increasingly on high quality connectivity (e.g. Detection of Intensive Care Unit patients at increased risk, real time transfer of data without interruptions, telesurgery, or automated driving).

Therefore it is important to have future proof rules which, while fully safeguarding open Internet, provide a possibility for market operators to provide services with specific quality requirements that are necessary in order to provide them in safely manner.

The Commission is committed to contribute to the ongoing legislative process with a view to facilitate an agreement by the co-legislators which achieves these objectives.