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Parliamentary question - E-009059/2015Parliamentary question

Internet Analysis Coordination Teams at Europol

Question for written answer E-009059-15
to the Commission
Rule 130
Cornelia Ernst (GUE/NGL)

The ‘cyberattack’ priority point of Europol's 2015 action plan provides for the establishment of an ‘Internet Analysis Coordination Team’ and ‘measures against incriminated communication platforms’. A taskforce for the ‘identification of cyberthreats affecting two or more Member States’, led by Europol and the United Kingdom, is also to be set up. This is odd, given that the UK Government is thought to have been responsible for a similar cyberattack on the Belgian provider Belgacom or the Commission, although Europol was not asked to investigate at the time.

1. What ‘Internet Analysis Teams’ provided by what German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swiss, Europol and Eurojust agencies are members of Europol's ‘Internet Analysis Coordination Team’, and what is the team's objective?

2. What German, Greek, Spanish and Europol agencies are taking part in the project involving ‘measures against incriminated communication platforms’? What is the objective of the project, and what exactly is meant by ‘platforms’?

3. What more recent information does the Commission have concerning the identity of those responsible for the cyberattacks on Belgacom or EU institutions which came to light in 2013, and has it conducted any investigations or inquiries of its own?