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Parliamentary question - E-014044/2015Parliamentary question

Turkey's involvement in Islamic State oil smuggling

Question for written answer E-014044-15
to the Commission
Rule 130
Mario Borghezio (ENF)

According to press reports, Islamic State (IS) has been financing its expansion through the sale of oil extracted in parts of Syria and Iraq it has captured since 2013.

After seizing a number of oil fields and refineries, IS has recruited specialised engineers and technicians with experience in the industry and offered them good wages.

What is more, according to the EU Ambassador to Iraq, it is very probable that some Member States have purchased IS oil. The ambassador did not wish to state which Member States, however. Turkey, which is thought to have the most extensive trafficking network, is often cited in connection with oil smuggling, as are Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan, which has close links with Ankara. It must be stressed that smuggling cannot take place without the consent of Turkey's civil and military authorities.

Can the Commission say whether oil extracted by IS is being ‘exported’ to and sold in Turkey and whether the proceeds are being used to finance the organisation?

Which Member States have bought oil from IS?