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Parliamentary question - E-001673/2016Parliamentary question

Insect repellents containing active ingredient DEET

Question for written answer E-001673-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
Mairead McGuinness (PPE)

The potential classification of DEET under Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 could mean that insect repellent products containing more than 10% DEET can no longer be made available to the general public in the EU.

Concerns have been raised about this issue, as products with concentrations of DEET under 10% can limit the active ingredient’s potential to protect humans against insects that carry diseases, such as mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus and ticks carrying Lyme disease.

In light of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control advising citizens to use repellents containing DEET in concentrations of 20% or more for protection, can the Commission clarify its position on the potential ban, as there is clearly a conflict between the potential banning of DEET and the need to tackle insects affecting human health?

Has the Commission conducted a study on the benefits of this active ingredient, while also taking account of the risks?