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Parlamentní otázka - E-002290/2016(ASW)Parlamentní otázka
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Answer given by Vice-President Mogherini on behalf of the Commission

The EU is very concerned about the recent rise in the number of demolitions of humanitarian structures financed by the EU and its Member states in the West Bank for the benefit of the most vulnerable Palestinian populations. At their latest meeting in January 2016, EU foreign ministers voiced their strong opposition to Israel's settlement policy, including demolitions.

The issue of demolitions is being addressed pro-actively with Israel. It is also discussed continuously between the EU and its Member states with the aim of further developing a strong and coherent common approach, to prevent and react to demolitions and confiscations in Area C. In this regard, the possibility of asking for a financial or other compensation or restitution is amongst the options which are under consideration in order to respond to the situation on the ground.

Since 2009 approximately 180 ECHO-funded structures of a value of around EUR 329 000 have been demolished or confiscated. Furthermore, approximately 600 structures, worth almost EUR 2.4 million, have been subject to orders for demolition, stop-work or eviction, and are therefore under threat.

The EU will continue to respond to queries from the EP based on the main findings of the monthly tracking system implemented by OCHA.