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Parliamentary question - E-002294/2016Parliamentary question

Corporation tax relief for sport in Hungary

Question for written answer E-002294-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
Péter Niedermüller (S&D)

The Commission’s reply to Question P-014616/2015 signed by Commissioner Margrethe Vestager regrettably does not provide a substantive answer to the questions raised.

The fact that in 2001, in state aid case SA.31722, on the basis of the information then available, the Commission gave permission for the introduction of the system in accordance with the rules does not absolve the Commission from the obligation to proceed with the appropriate care thereafter and to monitor whether the system is operating in accordance with the objectives originally set.

In view of the key role played by observant civil-society organisations in revealing abuses of public funding, it is regrettable that the Commission is not familiar with the report by the Hungarian branch of Transparency International. That report may be accessed at http://transparency.hu/uploads/docs/sport_web.pdf

1. How will the Commission monitor whether corporation tax relief for sport in Hungary operates in accordance with the objectives originally set?

2. If it becomes clear that the system is not serving the purposes originally announced, what further action will the Commission take?