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Parliamentary question - E-007432/2016Parliamentary question

    Palm oil in milk powder

    Question for written answer E-007432-16
    to the Commission
    Rule 130
    Giulia Moi (EFDD)

    A report published in 2013 by the Italian Society of Paediatrics found that palm oil was being used in many formula preparations for newborns (only 7 products out of 52 contained no palm oil).

    In an opinion delivered on 3 March this year the EFSA concluded that the carcinogenic and genotoxic substances produced by industrial palm oil refining processes constituted a health hazard. The quantities of these contaminants, according to the EFSA, are up to ten times higher in tropical fat than in other vegetable oils.

    It is only since 2014 that milk powder manufacturers have been obliged to specify the type of oil used. Before then, the fact that products contained palm oil was simply not mentioned, even though large companies had been aware of the risks since 2004.

    Will the Commission prohibit the use of palm oil in products intended for newborns?