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Parliamentary question - E-007637/2016Parliamentary question

Renewable energy in Hungary

Question for written answer E-007637-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
Csaba Molnár (S&D)

Over the past few weeks, the Hungarian Government has tightened up the rules relating to the establishment of new wind power plants to such an extent that it has effectively banned the construction of wind turbines in Hungary. After the government recently decided that the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority would no longer be responsible for regulating the establishment of new renewable power plants, another restriction was approved this week.

Section 1 of the amendment to the legislation relating to the establishment of renewable power plants, Government Decree No 253/1997 of 20 December 1997 on national community planning and construction requirements, states that: ‘(4) No wind farm may be established in areas which will be built on and within 12 000 metres of the boundaries of areas which will be built on, except for wind power plants considered to be small power plants of household size’ This means that no wind turbines may be placed within a 12 kilometre radius of municipalities.

However, there are so many municipalities in Hungary (3 155 in total) that there is no area that could comply with the 12-kilometre rule. That is, according to the above amendment there is no area in Hungary that fulfils this condition. This amendment has therefore banned the construction of wind turbines in Hungary.

— Does the Commission consider the new amendment, which effectively bans wind power plants in Hungary, to be compliant with relevant EU rules?— Does the Commission believe that the above amendment is compatible with the EU’s energy and climate policy objectives?— Will the Commission investigate the regulation of renewable energy facilities in Hungary?