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Parliamentary question - E-008766/2016Parliamentary question

Persistent efforts by Erdogan to dispute the Lausanne Treaty

Question for written answer E-008766-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
Manolis Kefalogiannis (PPE)

Turkey’s existing borders were established by the 1923 International Treaty of Lausanne, which has also played a key role in maintaining peace and stability for almost a century.

However, the Turkish President has been releasing increasingly provocative statements, culminating in a recent neo-Ottoman irredentist outpouring, including a statement claiming that: ‘We will work to achieve something better. They are still attempting to lock us into the Lausanne Treaty. Well, excuse us, but I have the right to speak. We will make every attempt to achieve our 2023 objectives. We are well aware that we will be stepping on many toes and going against many interests. We will do it together in any case. We are determined to guide Turkey forward.’

Such utterances are a direct challenge to international law, are effectively destabilising the region as a whole and causing great concern and disquiet.

In view of this: