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Parliamentary question - E-009208/2016Parliamentary question

EU measures to combat manipulation of milometers

Question for written answer E-009208-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
David McAllister (PPE)

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the police and TÜV Süd estimate that, in about one third of second-hand vehicles, milometer readings are manipulated in order to obtain a higher price for the vehicle by making it appear that it has travelled less distance than it really has. The resultant losses are estimated at around EUR 6 billion.

By introducing a Car Pass, Belgium has succeeded in reducing the prevalence of such manipulation substantially within only a few years. The plausibility of the milometer reading claimed by the vendor can be verified by means of the Car Pass, which is based on recording of mileage in a central database each time that a vehicle visits a workshop and whenever a periodic technical inspection is performed. On 22 November 2016, the Regional Parliament of Lower Saxony voted in favour of the nationwide introduction of a similar system in Germany.

1. Does the Car Pass provide a model for use throughout Europe, in order to combat manipulation of milometers in international car sales?2. What measures has the Commission taken on the basis of Directive 2014/45/EU to consider the possibility of establishing an electronic platform for vehicle information and facilitating exchanges of data between Member States?3. When can a result be expected from the Commission's investigations of the possibility of establishing an EU-wide electronic platform for vehicle information?