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Parliamentary question - E-002226/2017Parliamentary question

    Disappearance of old varieties of vegetables

    Question for written answer E-002226-17
    to the Commission
    Rule 130
    Daniel Buda (PPE)

    Romania is known in the European Union for its extremely tasty and healthy fruit and vegetables. Traditional Romanian fruits maintain their flavour, smell and texture and are still in great demand on the domestic market.

    Unfortunately, these old fruit varieties are increasingly hard to find on the market because Romanian farmers are more interested in the more recent varieties. The old varieties are also less pest-resilient.

    To ensure that we do not lose those varieties, more focus must be placed on the gene pool and on its conservation.

    What tools does the Commission have to encourage growers to plant old variety seeds and also to encourage research institutes to invest in seed conditioning to enable them to face the present thermal stress and the increasingly resilient pests?